dimarts, de gener 23, 2007

Taller de competència lingüística en anglés

En aquest curs hem decidit que cada dimarts intentarem posar-vos un resum del que ha estat la sessió anterior. Un professor-a s'encarregarà de fer aquesta tasca (moltes gràcies a tots ells i elles pel compromís) i aprofitarem per enllaçar una pàgina relacionada amb el tema o amb la didàctica de l'anglés en general. De mostra un botó:

During the first session, Tim Herdon started off by introducing himself and the main aim of the course. This being, the improvement of our command of the English language, as well as the development of linguistic strategies which could afterwards be used on our daily teaching practice.

Once this had been settled, Tim continued by telling us how the session was going to develop and which were the topics we were going to be dealing with during the three hours the session was to last. Beginning by introducing ourselves, then we were to deal with “Possibility and Probability”, which was to be followed by a ten minute break, and lastly, we would do an activity related to literature. The session was to finish with a conclusion in which each of us wrote our expectations on the course and which could be the topics or activities more appealing to our tastes and needs.

The first task, namely, introducing ourselves, was carried out through a series of activities. First, we sat on a cemicircle and said our names. Then, we stood up and we had to say the name of the person on our left and on our right. While on the circle, we made a ball of paper and had to throw it and say the name of the person receiving it. Finally, the person receiving the ball was the one who had to say the name of the one throwing the ball.

Once, we knew each other’s names, we had to try to speak to as many components of the group as we could. We did so by arranging ourselves in a line according to the kilometres we had walked or driven that week. Once this activity was over, and in couples or threes, we had to write three numbers and say why we had chosen them. Finally, we told the group what our partner had told us.

The next task was a content one related to “Possibility and Probability”. Tim showed us a series of pictures and we had to make sentences and guess what we thought they were. We obviously did so by using modals of possibility and probability. Then, and in order for us to reinforce our knowledge of these modal verbs, we carried out a series of written activities which had the rules of usage of these verbs. Finally, we were to make up a story based on some hints Tim gave us, and we put into practice what we had just learnt on possibility ans probability.

After the break, we were given little cardboard cards which we were to arrange according to its content. Each group had afterwards to explain which had been the pattern followed. Finally, each group summarized the contents which were regarding different books. This activity was to help us choose the book we all have to read during the course.

The session ended up by our writing of the topics we would like to see, activities we would like to do, and so on and so forth. The course is highly orientated towards the improvement of the comand of the English language, as well as towards the reinforcement of grammatical and other aspects which can be very helpful in order to achieve this end.

by Mª Jesús Julià Bayarri