dimarts, de novembre 06, 2007


In the last session of English alive we worked with the story: The rabbits.

The rabbits is a deeply impressing book both regarding the story and the pictures. Once more Tim showed us that children’s literature is not just for children and that books with pictures should not be always in the children’s section at bookshops.

The book tells the story of the arrival of a group of rabbits to an unknown place inhabited by other animals. It is always seen from the perspective of the other animals that merely observe the incomers.

The book is an allegory of colonisation and of the arrival of Englanders to Northern America which deeply changed the way of life of the natives. The book faces us directly with the issue of the use of natural resources and the destruction of the environment. Tim gave us a nice worksheet to work on so that we drew attention to the detailed pictures and extract conclusions. The gradual way in which we worked was great!

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Estrella ha dit...

If you would like to take a look at another "children´s book" featuring a lve rabbit that travelled across the States, visit
The author of the book David Love took all the pictures and visits schools in the USA showing the kids the american geography through the travelling rabbit´s adventures.

antoninavarro ha dit...

Gràcies Estrella, esperem que aquestes pàgines serviran per a tots els que s'acosten per ací. Poc a poc farem una comunitat virtual de col·laboració en xarxa.